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Hernia Surgery Research Study

Are you planning on having an inguinal hernia repaired?

Jean Brown Research is conducting a clinical research study for an investigational pain relief implant.Participants that qualify for the study may receive surgery, study-related care and pain relief implant at no cost to them. Qualified participants may also be compensated for their time and travel. Basic qualifications are: Ages 18 and older Male or Female Generally in good health Be eligible for unilateral inguinal (groin) hernioplasty with mesh. (Repair of multiple hernia through a single incision is permitted). If you qualify you may receive: No cost hernia repair Study-related care Investigational pain relief implant You also may be compensated for your time and travel related to the study. To see if you qualify, please complete and submit your information or call 801-261-2000. What is an Inguinal Hernia? An inguinal hernia is more common in men and usually occurs in the inguinal canal in the groin where the spermatic cord enters the scrotum. In women, the inguinal canal is where the ligament attaches to the uterus. What causes an Inguinal Hernia? An inguinal hernia occurs when soft tissue–usually part of the membrane lining the abdominal cavity (omentum) or part of the intestine–protrudes through a weak point in the abdominal muscles. When pressure is exerted in the abdomen, it increases pressure on the weak spot and can be painful. The pressure and resulting pain may be caused by: Straining during bowel movements Strenuous physical activity like lifting something heavy Chronic cough or sneezing Pregnancy Ascites (Fluid build-up in the abdomen) Aging Hernia Treatment Options Not all hernias need immediate surgery, but if you are experiencing pain or your hernia is growing, you may need hernia surgery. Hernias can be repaired surgically or laparoscopically. 

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