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Welcome to Hernias Centre.


Hernias centre is designed for Professor  Fahed Youssef, Consultant Surgeon, to provide all relevant information needed when considering hernia surgery.
Mr Youssef is a Consultant Surgeon with over 29 years’ experience in hernia surgery.

Mr Youssef has been working in Ipswich hospital and Ipswich Nuffield for the past 7 years, providing different surgical treatments for different types of hernias.  

Hernia Surgery


Hernias are more common in the groin (or inguinal) area. A hernia may cause symptoms that include, pain or discomfort and a lump or swelling in the affected area on the surface of the abdomen.

The surgical repair could be done using a mesh using either an open or laparoscopic (keyhole) approach. Keyhole surgery may provide faster recovery time, less pain, minimal scarring and quicker return to work

Open surgery is still considered a good way to repair a hernia with a good outcome

Our Commitment


To provide patient-focused services and to give you professional advice. We will help, support and guide you at every stage of your treatment journey, from the initial enquiry,  right through to aftercare with adequate follow up.

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